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Helium Tanks

Helium to go for your POS

Our helium tanks come in several sizes, are portable and disposable. They are perfect for customers who don't want to inflate their balloons directly at the POS, but instead want to do so at home.


Standard helium tanks

We offer three different sizes of standard helium tanks, depending on how many balloons the customer wants to fill.

  • for up to 20 balloons (9'')
  • for up to 30 balloons (9'')
  • for up to 50 balloons (9'')


The minimum order quantity is 1 IP. For more information regarding packaging units, item numbers, and a gas inflation chart, please check the brochure below! 


Helium set "Love" with balloons

A big bouquet of helium-filled balloons always makes for a huge impression! This lovely set is perfect for Valentine's, Mother's Day or Weddings. It includes: 

  • 1x helium tank for 30 balloons 
  • 20x heartshaped red latex balloons
  • 1x white balloon ribbon

The size of the tank ensures that there is enough helium to fill all the balloons, with room for little mishaps. 


Licensed helium sets with balloons and more

Help your customers throw a football watch party in style! With different balloons and even a party banner, these licensed sets include everything for a proper themed decoration. Fans of FC Bayern München and Borussia Dortmund won't want to miss out on these sets! Each one includes:

  • 1x helium tank for 30 balloons
  • 4x 18'' foil balloons
  • 12x 11'' latex balloons
  • 1x ribbon
  • 1x party banner

Please note that helium tanks cannot be ordered via our webshop. If you are interested, please contact your sales person directly or write an email to sales@amscan-europe.com

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