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We Care

As a company, we are aware of our responsibility to the environment. Below is a summary of all processes and products that we want to change or have already changed on the way to more sustainability.


We extend the life cycle of our products. Our foil balloons are already equipped with solid valves that guarantee not only easy filling but also defilling. Our plastic tablecloths are also washable and therefore reusable.


We are constantly revising both our products and our packaging and can therefore say that most of them are recyclable. For this reason, they were also given the green dot.


We develop sustainable products. In 2020 we presented "Always Sunny", our first completely sustainable product fanfare, whose serviettes, for example, are made entirely from recycled material. We have also found alternatives to the conventional plastic sticks in the balloon sticks sector, which will be presented in our 2021 catalog.


We want to use fewer resources, so we are redesigning our product packaging by making it smaller and, wherever possible, switching from plastic to paper. We have also switched from filling material made of plastic and styrofoam to paper in the shipping area.


We are both part of the management committee of the European Party & Balloon Council (EBPC) and a member of many of the project groups that have arisen there, and in this role, we support retailers in their efforts to achieve greater sustainability.


We train our customers in a responsible and environmentally conscious handling of our balloons. For consumers, we have developed pictograms that graphically describe the correct use.


We are happy to provide you with information on our products, sustainability, trainings and information materials.

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