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MEET THE balloon base!

A home for decorators and balloon professionals from all parts of the world!

Do you love building intricate balloon columns and fabulous garlands?
Do you enjoy playing around with colours and shapes?
Do you get excited when you're getting your hands on new inflation equipment?

Then you've come to the right place! Balloons are our passion and the balloon base is a new home for everyone who shares our love for stunning balloon installations. The balloon base is still in its infancy, but we are excited to soon grow with you! We have lots of plans for the future and want to:

  • inspire
  • exchange ideas and build a community of like-minded balloon enthusiasts
  • offer trainings and workshops for beginners and experienced decorators
  • provide you with useful material and entertaining tutorials
  • make sure that you have the right products to work with


We're happy to introduce our very own balloon expert: Hans-Peter Bulant, better known as Buddy is the heart of the Amscan BalloonBase and excited to share knowledge and build a community of balloon decorators!

After helping a friend build lots of balloon garlands for a New Year’s party in 1992, Buddy fell in love with the balloon art and got started in the wonderful world of balloon decoration. 5 years later he founded PITTSBALLOON, a company based on three pillars: stores in and around Stuttgart, balloon deliveries and balloon decorations. After starting as a self-educated artist, he soon began visiting European balloon conventions and became a Certified Balloon Artist. In 2016, he placed 3rd in the “Large Sculpture Competition” as a member of “Team Germany” in the US. After more than 25 years with PITTSBALLON he is now working with Amscan and excited to share his knowledge and experience with partners and friends. Buddy cares strongly about developing his skills and sharing ideas with other decorators.


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