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About Everts


With approximately 100 years of experience in producing, developing and selling latex balloons, Everts offers a high level of expertise, quality and innovation.

Everts always aims for the highest quality standards and therefore all latex balloons comply with the EN71 (toy safety) and EN71-12 (Nitrosamines and Nitrosatable Amins) testing. Keeping in mind that creating decorations could mean using thousands of balloons, Everts designed a decorator range to be as ‘smooth’ and ‘hands-on’ as possible. Their longer necks and soft but firm structure make working with the balloons a comfortable experience.

The balloons have excellent helium and air retention due to a high-tech and sophisticated molecular cross-link which creates a high-quality barrier, reducing gas permeability. Low burst levels are achieved by great elasticity of the rubber film. Long helium flotation or air inflation result in long lasting decorations.



Today, Everts operates from a single, modern purpose built plant in Melaka, Malaysia, with automated balloon production equipment, and the latest silk screen printing technology that can print 5 colours or all round / global prints. The lab continuously seeks improvement, with research and development activities on new formulations, shapes and colours ensuring Everts keeps up to date with market needs and changes in the regulatory environment.

The team at Everts has decades of combined experience and is part of the business group Amscan International. This builds a strong foundation upon which to grow and continually improve the product range; at the same time keeping up to date with the latest technology. Everts produces over 1 billion balloons annually with capacity for more.

One key prioritiy is balloon safety and in this area Everts is considered to be one of the industry pioneers. All balloons are manufactured using a specially prepared latex formulation that guarantees they meet the latest and stringent standards of the European Union.


Download our Everts brochure to learn more about:

  • the Everts sustainability activities
  • available balloon sizes and their floating times
  • all the different finishes
  • the complete product assortment
  • the packaging




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