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Our Workshops


We regularly offer workshops for beginners or professionals that involve lots of hands-on training. Most workshops take place in our locations in Kirchheim/Teck and are led by Hans-Peter Bulant.  


Balloonbase Basics

is a one day training class especially created for newbies in the balloon and party business and those of you who feel like they would need some special tricks that make the daily  balloon life a little easier. You will learn all you need to know about balloons, working with balloons and how to create stunning and on trend designs. Not to forget all the aspects of how to start and run a successful and professional balloon business.  


Balloon Camp

organized several times per year, it`s a two-days training class for „balloon artists“ of all levels. Having learned the basics already, this is where you can take your skills to the next level. Watching the professionals´presentation , mixed with lots of „hands-on“, this we believe is how you can learn the most, whilst having a lot of fun with others. Our small classes will garantee the biggest outcome for you and your balloon business.  


balloon classics


this is the highlight of our events ! For 3 -4 days we want to take you away from home and  give you the chance, to get to know well known international balloon artist , learn from them in exciting workshops or be part of hands-on classes. We will also bring to you  new talents in the balloon-industry , showing their creativity, their special techniques and lifting some of their secrets in decorating . Whist education is very important, we don´t forget to have fun at parties after the workshops or the „Final Night´s Gala“. And why not visiting a balloon-factory or participating in a contest or better, help making a large scale decoration at the venue -their will be tons of fun, specials and new ideas, that will help growing your business and „pushing the boundaries“.      

These trainings are a great way not only to deepen your knowledge, but also to get in touch with other balloon professionals and expand your network!  




We want to share our passion for balloon decorations and our expertise in as many locations as possible! So besides the trainings in Kirchheim/Teck, we also make sure to go on the road. In 2022, we've done trainings in Zagreb/Croatia, Melaka/Malaysia, Rosmalen/Netherlands. 







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